Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Reflections

So, I have not blogged in months because of my crazy schedule. But as I sit here on my day off, my mind cannot seem to get off of the importance of this holy day.  There is so much on my heart that I hope I can pour it all out into this blog without writing a book.

Holy Week is a week full of mixed emotions.  Beginning with Palm Sunday, the mood is one of praise and exuberance. However, by the end of the service the mood has significantly changed with the anticipation of Christ's sacrifice.  Then comes Maundy Thursday: Jesus' Last Supper.  The moment where his disciples finally realize the pain and suffering that is going to happen.  After a long and restless night, Good Friday approaches. The day where Jesus is beaten, whipped, crushed, flogged, and murdered.  The suffering is overwhelming.  After a sorrowful three days, Jesus is raised from the dead.  His resurrection is a declaration of the power of Christ's unfailing love.

As I approached Holy Week this year, I wanted my eyes to opened to Christ's story in a new way.  In my reflection, I found myself focusing on the immense pain that Christ was faced with.  I began the week watching a video that talked about the medical view of the crucifixion by a medical doctor. I strongly suggest you watch it:

Then as the week continued, I came across a devotional by Steve Thomason titled "Saturday".  He talked a lot about how dark the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter must have been. The disciples were deep in grief over the loss of their master.  They expected that Jesus being the Messiah would bring great victory over their oppressors.  However, it seemed to have the done the reverse and caused much pain. All hope was lost for the disciples.

All of us go through Saturdays.  Dark times of pain and suffering where there seems to be no hope.  Loss of a family member, friendship troubles, financial worries, addictions, depression, and more.  During those times, it seems as if nothing will ever be able to pull us back out.  We want to cry out like Jesus, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

But there IS hope.  God is forever present with us during those times. He has never let go, is still holding on and will never let go. We have to remember what the disciples faced after their days of grief; Christ's resurrection.  In that moment, they experienced ultimate hope on Easter Sunday.   Just like the disciples, we need to remember that without Saturday, you can't get to Sunday.  Don't grieve with grief, grieve with hope.

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